Your organization can bring hands-on science and engineering activities to a new generation of scientists

By sponsoring a class, school, club, or after school program, your organization can provide an enriching opportunity for students to explore areas of science and engineering they may not have explored. These hands-on activities build confidence in students and agency to make change in their world.

A recent National Academy of Sciences report points out that in 2015 STEM jobs were the fastest growing sector in the US economy and the national average wage for STEM-related jobs was twice that for non STEM-related jobs (1). Schools and teachers must focus the majority of their curricular time on topics mandated by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. They rely on programs like STEM Sparks to bring in enriching programs that expose students to new ideas and skills and spark their interest in further study in science and engineering.

STEM Sparks offers programs that parent associations or civic and philanthropic organizations can easily make available to students in the Monterey area and make the dollars you raise have real impact for local youth and for the future of our workforce.

For information on how your organization can bring science and engineering education to local youth, contact STEM Sparks director, Liese Murphree.