STEM Sparks at Home

These are STEM Sparks activities you can do at home. Most of the activities use simple, household materials. All of the activities give you a starting place to tinker, engineer, and make whatever you can imagine.

One sheet of paper is all you need to make a paper helicopter for STEM at Home

Build a paper helicopter and then tinker with it to see if you can change how it flies.

Tools needed to build something for STEM at home: scratch paper, scissors, masking tape.

Build something to support a phone or something that weighs about as much as a phone using one sheet of paper and some masking tape.

Architects, builders, and engineers design skyscrapers to minimize their footprint, the space they take up on the ground, while maximizing the number of offices or apartments they can accommodate. Build the tallest skyscraper you can with the smallest footprint and use only 10 sheets of paper!

Check out the resources and classes offered through the Spark in Nature - Monterey Bay Nature Journal Club

This is an activity that you can do in your backyard or deck or front door step. It is a good activity for experiencing nature using a different sense.

Playdoh, LEDs, and batteries are used to make characters for stop motion videos when doing STEM at home.

Stop Motion

A stop motion video is made up of a whole bunch of pictures moving past at a fraction of a second. The subject is slightly different in each picture. When all of the pictures are strung together, it looks like the figure is moving. Check out the low tech and high tech parts of this activity.