Online STEM Enrichment Classes for 4th-8th graders

STEM Sparks Online Classes provide an opportunity for students to make new friends in a structured and supervised online environment, and to work with these new friends to build STEM knowledge and skills.

STEM Sparks learning is always hands-on and student-focused, even online. It is screen time that is quality time.

A measuring cup and small jar show some of the tools we will use in kitchen chemistry online summer camp.

Cook up some yummy experiments and learn the science behind them.

This graph paper and pop stick balance with pennies show an experiment that we could do in Science Exploration Online Summer Camp.

Experiment with chemistry, physics, biology, geology, meteorology, and oceanography right at home.

MicroBit is a tiny computer that you can code with one program at a time.  We will write code of Microbit and use it to design games and useful tools in Making with Microbit online summer camp.

Code a microcontroller to play a game, tell you the temperature, detect an intruder, or invent something altogether different.

This is a handy device.  We will explore the design of handy devices like this in Think Like an Engineer online summer camp.

Explore the world of design and use your creativity to solve your own engineering problem.

You can find interesting plants like this and all kids of science in your own backyard.  We will explore them in Backyard Ecologist online summer camp.

Observe nature up close and examine relationships in your own natural study site.

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We want all students to have access to STEM Sparks classes. We can offer a sliding scale for tuition for those families who need it.


Session 1

August 24 - September 30 *no classes the week of September 7

Session 2

October 19 - November 20

Class Meetings

All classes meet on a secure Zoom video conferencing platform. Each class is 1.5 hours. There is a maximum of 12 students and a minimum of 5 students in each class. We want to make classes work for families. If you would like to propose and alternative time for a class and can help get the class filled, please contact Liese at

Class Fees

Class fees are $100/session (Making with Micro:bit is $120 and includes the Micro:bit). Class fees include 5 classes (7.5 hours of instruction) and a digital file for the science notebook with instructions to print at home or at Staples. Other class materials are provided by the family. STEM Sparks is a vendor for Inspire and Ocean Grove Charter Schools. Tuition is on a sliding scale for families who need it. Contact us to apply for reduced tuition.


Class must meet a minimum enrollment of 5 students to run. Families will be notified one-week prior to class if it is going to be cancelled. Families wishing to cancel their enrollment, must email their request sooner than 2 weeks before the start of class for a refund. Please email:

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Contact Liese at

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