Programs for Families

We want all students to have access to STEM Sparks classes. We can offer a sliding scale for tuition for those families who need it.

A camper adds a homemade pH indicator to some household chemicals in online summer camp.

STEM Sparks Online classes provide an opportunity for students to make new friends in a structured and supervised online environment, and to work with these new friends to build STEM knowledge and skills. STEM Sparks learning is always hands-on and student-focused, even online. It is screen time that is quality time.

Project-based, integrated science for 8th graders. Project questions include:

  • What happens to food when it is cooked? How do our bodies use food?

  • What plants and animals live in the Monterey Bay Area? What might it have looked like in the past and what might it look like in the future?

  • How does your body kick a ball? Can we design a machine to kick a ball?

A summer camper demonstrated a balloon car.  This is an experiment you can do at home.

STEM Sparks at home is a set of free activities that you can do at home.

This graph paper and science tools show how STEM Sparks can provide academic support for high school science students.

STEM Sparks provides academic support to high school students though self-paced review/preview courses targeting the skills needed to succeed in high school math and science. Person-to-person tutoring in math and science is also available using a web conferencing tool, like zoom.

Additional Resources for Learning from Home